We’re on holiday! All orders placed this week will be posted 6th July. Thanks!

31 Leeds Road

In July 2021, after a lot of searching, we finally found ourselves a physical home! 

 Along with our great friends from Little Beacon and the help of some seriously talented people we converted 2 former offices into breathtaking workshop/retail spaces and we couldn’t bar happier with how it worked out!

We’ve long dreamed of having a home for our business, a place to show off all of the lovely items we’ve amassed from talented makers around the world, a place to spread out whilst we sharpen and almost more importantly, a place where people can see us work and realise that the service we provide is accessible and not exclusively reserved for those with high end knives.


When we took on the space we realised that it was going to take some ingenuity to make it usable, it’s a small room and we wanted to do a lot with it. To help us realise it’s potential we we’re very fortunate in being able to enlist the help of Plaey and Signs by Umberto, both Matt and Rob really pulled out all the stops and we ended up with a shop we’re super proud of. Not only does it do everything we need it to but it also looks great! You can read more about this process in our blog.

So we’ll be here, week in week out (except for the odd holiday!) and we’d love to see you! There will be sharpening going on at least 2 days a week, so if you have anything that needs attention just bring it along, no need to make a booking. We’ll also have an ever changing display kitchen knives, pocket knives, bladed tools, scissors and kitchenware which we love to talk about!

We’re also proud to say that we offset all of the carbon created in the transport of these items, from their places of manufacture to our home in West Yorkshire, so one less thing to feel guilty about!