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Netherton Foundry - 8" Spun Iron Stockpot

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What a charming pot! Perhaps one of the most unassuming items in the kitchen, the humble pot, just sits there, in the corner of the hob, without a sticking out handle, without teflon coating (thankfully), just waiting to be filled up and get the job done, they’re nice pots these too, we love the black finish and the way they feel to the touch.

The spun Iron construction makes them a tough pan which can be used at very high temperatures. Suitable for all types of hobs (Including the notoriously hard to please induction), grills, ovens and even open fires. Iron is a pure, simple metal which is easy to look after & very recyclable.


 Black iron pans have long been a favourite of serious cooks and professional chefs, in no small part due to the way they evenly heat and give great cooking performance. As they are used you can expect to see the development of a patina on your new pan, this is completely normal and the more it’s used the better it gets.

A couple of handy tips:

  •  If you are cooking meat or fish –  oil the food, not the pan

  •  Be patient; allow the food to cook before trying to turn it over.

  •  Don’t fry food straight from the fridge, allow it to come up to room temperature.

The pan bodies are spun by hand, so each one is slightly different.  They will not all be as flat as a billiard table.

If you do want to keep it as flat as you can, then follow these simple guidelines.

  • Every time you use the pan, heat it SLOWLY to frying temperature, then you can use full power.

    This is especially important if you are using powerful cooking hobs such as induction.

  • Use a hob the same size as the pan base, small rings WILL warp big pans.

  •  Never drop a hot pan into cold water. This will buckle it.

Love your pan and follow our instructions for re-seasoning. Oven seasoning is kinder to the pan than hob top seasoning and it also give a nicer looking finish.

If cared for a pan like this will age beautifully and be a friend for life.




Width (not inc handles)  - 19.8cm

Height - 13cm

Height (with Lid)- 14.5cm

Weight - 1.8kg

Capacity (to rim) - 4lt


Netherton Foundry is a family owned business located in South Shropshire and what was the 18th Century's "Silicon Valley". Today the heavy iron and coal industries are all but gone and that corner of rural England returned to a much quieter way of life.

Inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries' Shropshire Iron masters, Netherton Foundry have been designing and making cookware for overt three decades, building quality products made from materials principally sourced from Shropshire and it's surrounding counties. Committed to reducing their impact on the planet by building products that will last from materials that they trust.


As with all of our iron and steel cookware, it must be dried after use, it will rust if left wet. If this does happen ( and it quite likely will from time to time, just rub it off with the green side of a dry scouring pad (or similar mild abrasive) and re-season.

Never put in the dishwasher!