Magnetic Knife block - OAK No.2

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OAK - Wooden Knife Block

We are often asked what is the best way to store your knives.

Knives deserve respect and care, they function best when sharp and keeping them in a drawer where they can collide with other utensils or in a knife block where their blades are being dragged over wood to get them in and out can damaged their edges and severely affect their performance. 

We favour a magnetic wooden block to keep your knives from harm. Why keep your sharp little beauties hidden away when they can be on display and super accessible whenever you need them. 

Each board holds up to five knives using high quality neodymium magnates. 

Hand crafted in Yorkshire using locally felled timber.

There are two recessed eyelets in the back to make it easy to mount onto your wall, fixtures and fittings are provided.

Length - 34.5 cm

Width - 12 cm

Depth - 3.5 cm