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Mae Ceramics - Coffee Dripper

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We love these coffee drippers! They’re partly glazed and made from high fired stoneware (we particularly love the naked unglazed clay).

We are currently holing a limited amount of stock in 2 colours, as well as cups, milk jugs and coffee drippers.

We also stock reusable cloth filters, made from a blend of organic cotton and hemp. Great for the environment and you never need to run out of filter papers again!


Height 8.5cm

Width of base 9cm

Width at top 11cm

All items are lovingly handmade so sizes will vary from piece to piece.


Made with a speckled stoneware clay and food safe glazes.

Handwash is advised, microwaves and ovens are discouraged. Handmade with lots of love in London.


A Kiwi by birth and now London based, Lilly’s work is mostly minimal, with sharp lines and a limited colour palette, bringing a stillness to the work. However, sometimes she strays from what is clean and tidy, with the occasional playful glaze. Her work explores the contrast between the texture of raw and glazed clay, and lets the natural qualities show through on the surface of a finished piece.

Everything is made with high fired stoneware clay and food safe glazes. Pieces are not recommended oven or microwave use but can be used with hot water from the kettle. It is also recommended that pieces are hand washed to ensure proper care is taken while cleaning.