Netherton Foundry - Dutch Oven Community Cutlery
Netherton Foundry - Dutch Oven Community Cutlery
Netherton Foundry - Dutch Oven Community Cutlery
Netherton Foundry - Dutch Oven Community Cutlery
Netherton Foundry - Dutch Oven Community Cutlery
Netherton Foundry - Dutch Oven Community Cutlery

Netherton Foundry - Dutch Oven

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We really love a Dutch Oven at Community Cutlery and this is a beast! Weighing in at at a total of 5.7kg it is seriously fit for purpose, there is so much iron here that it holds it’s heat like a dream!

Made from heavy duty spun iron it is well suited to all domestic heat sources, including ovens and gas, electric or induction hobs, it really comes into its own on a bbq or a campfire though, sit above the flames or settle it into the embers and utilise the handy lipped lid for holding a pile of coals on top and you’ve got yourself an outdoor oven!

Perfect for  – Roasting, baking bread, slow cooking.

Heavy duty iron like this is thermal shock and crack resistant too, so perfect for powerful induction hobs, but as with all of our cookware, bring it to temp slowly to reduce the likelihood of warping.

All pans are pre seasoned but will need re-seasoning with use, simply follow the instructions here and restore it’s non-stick surface as required.






Spun Iron Bowl:

Width (rim) - 31 cm

Width (base) - 23 cm

Height - 10cm

Weight - 3.65 kg

Capacity - 7 pints

Spun Iron Lid:

Lid Diameter - 29 cm

Lid Height - 6.5cm

Lid Rim - 2.5cm

Weight - 2.1 kg


Netherton Foundry is a family owned business located in South Shropshire and what was the 18th Century's "Silicon Valley". Today the heavy iron and coal industries are all but gone and that corner of rural England returned to a much quieter way of life.

Inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries' Shropshire Iron masters, Netherton Foundry have been designing and making cookware for overt three decades, building quality products made from materials principally sourced from Shropshire and it's surrounding counties. Committed to reducing their impact on the planet by building products that will last from materials that they trust.


As with all of our iron and steel cookware, it must be dried after use, it will rust if left wet. If this does happen ( and it quite likely will from time to time, just rub it off with the green side of a dry scouring pad (or similar mild abrasive) and re-season.Never put in the dishwasher!


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  • We offset the carbon created by our business

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of Community Cutlery as a home for enthusiasts, for people who love the ritual of food preparation and who have realised the charm in doing it with quality tools, with items that are as pleasing on the eye as they are practical in the hand.

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