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Waterhaul - Locking Pocket Knife with Recycled Plastic Handle

  • £25.00


These are a lovely pocket knife, that’s plain to see from the pictures. The handle is robust and comfortable, the stainless blade takes a good edge and the lock is sturdy, but the beauty of these knives far exceeds their physical appearance and functionality. The handle (or scales) of these knives is constructed 100% from lost or discarded fishing gear AKA ‘ghost gear’, which is easily the most abundant form of macro-plastic in the ocean, and the problem increases by 640,000 tonnes every year.

These nets are also the most lethal form of plastic to marine life. Lost in the ocean, their function to entangle marine life continues. Constructed from high-quality plastics, these nets keep on catching for over 500 years, unless removed.

By buying this knife you are directly enabling the expansion of Waterhauls ghost gear recovery and recycling efforts and creating a demand for plastic to be removed from the ocean.

You’ll also be supporting the delivery of PlaNET Action, their unique education program. It deliver workshops across the UK, with portable ocean plastic recycling machines and marine biologist educators deployed to engage and inspire the next-generation to understand the marine environment, why we should protect it, and to encourage innovative thinking.


Blade Material – Stainless Steel

Casing – Old fishing net debris pulled from the sea!

Blade length – 80mm

Total Length – 190mm

UK legal Carry – No (due to locking mechanism)

Knives are only available to persons over 18 years of age. Due to the nature of our business ALL customers will be asked to prove their age at checkout.