Shop Dog

A shop dog is a wonderful thing, we always love going into a nice independent shop and discovering that 1 member of staff is much furrier and way cuter than all the others, it’s make the experience such a treat!

 A lot of you will probably know that earlier in the year we lost our sweet sweet Pipe Trotsky, our best bud of 11 years and faithful shop dog.

Whippet peeking it's head through a hole

 Pipey was an utter treat to have around and something of a local celebrity, never did a day go by that he wouldn’t pop his long snout out of his house and bring joy to the life of an unsuspecting customer.

  We always knew that we’d welcome another whippet into the Community Cutlery family, for a long time we didn’t know when but now we do, today! 


 So let us introduce you to Mookie! 

 Isn’t he adorable  🥰 We only picked him up on Sunday, so he’s not going to be spending much time at the shop straight away, although he needs to do his till training soon cos it’s nearly Christmas and we’re going to be pigging busy!

  We’re still getting to know each other so there’s not a great lot we can tell you about him at this stage, other than he’s a mad-head, he’s bombing it about, simultaneously trying to eat the chargers and the rugs whilst melting our hearts. 

  Keep your eye on our Instagram stories for more pics to see how he settles in and pop in for a stroke when you get the chance!  ☺️