About Us

Community Cutlery is a home for enthusiasts, for people who love the ritual of food preparation and who have realised the charm in doing it with quality tools, with items that are as pleasing on the eye as they are practical in the hand.  

The availability of mass produced and inexpensive kitchenware has made shopping so convenient that having cupboards stacked up with pots and pans, shelves full of plastic storage boxes and a dozen kitchen knives in the drawer the norm, but how inexpensive really is it to to keep on replacing items again and again? What of the environmental cost? How much pleasure do we derive from using a £7 supermarket chef knife?If you answered; Not very, Gulp, Not much, we reckon you’d be right. We require an awful lot from the tools we use to prepare food, we call upon them daily to help us nourish ourselves and our families and if we’re particularly enthusiastic about cooking, we’ll spend a lot of time over the stove or with a knife in our hand, so why not do it with something that feels good to use and does a better job? Something that if cared for correctly will never need to be replaced, never!

 Part of caring for a knife is keeping it sharp, so as well as selling knives, we sharpen them too, along with scissors, secateurs, hatchets, cleavers, loppers, shears, chisels and any number of other carpentry and woodworking tools. A keen edge is an absolute must when using a knife or bladed tool, it not only enables it to do a better job and faster it also makes using it so much more pleasurable!

At Community Cutlery we work closely with a select group of crafts people to bring together a limited collection of consciously chosen items for the kitchen. We believe in the people we work with and the products they specialise in, we believe in buying once and taking good care, we believe that functional items should also be beautiful and we believe that making little changes can make a big difference, for us and for the environment.

We welcome any dialogue regarding our products or our sharpening service, if you have any questions then please get in touch via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Gaz & George