On Site Sharpening

Community Cutlery on site sharpening station

If you are a restaurant/ kitchen owner or a chef looking to book a visit from an on-site sharpener then get in touch. 
At Community Cutlery we specialise in whetstone sharpening and will be happy to pay you and your team a visit. Prices start from £1.20 per inch of knife and we can either invoice centrally or charge team members individually.
As traditional whetstone cutlers, all of our work is carried out by hand, ensuring the absolute best for your knives. This does take some time, so we’ll need a place to set up our sharpening station, access to water and a if there's a brew going we'll be much obliged, other than that you can just lay out your knives and leave us to it.
If you like the idea of getting us over and want to make a booking or have some questions then get in touch for a chat via our contact form
or give us a call on 01943 725248