Caring for Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel has long been a favoured choice amongst knife makers for whom the ability of a blade to take a keen edge and hold it longer are prized characteristics.

For this privilege we need to care for our carbon steel products with a little more consideration, particularly when it comes to washing. Carbon steel knives cannot be treated the same way as stainless steel. Once you’ve finished with your knife we recommend giving it a wash and a thorough dry, as if left wet it will start to rust surprisingly quickly. If this does happen then take a dry scourer and lightly give it a rub, another rinse and a good dry, it should come off with relative ease. If left wet for longer periods the mild surface rust can become more sinister and damage to the blade.

With use you will quickly notice a change in the colour of the blade, a darkening  (particularly when cutting more acidic foods), this patina is natural, beautiful and to be cherished, it’s like your knife developing its own fingerprint!

And for many reasons – Never put your knives in the dishwasher.