Can you sharpen Global Knives?



Can you sharpen global knives is a question we get asked a lot at Community Cutlery and we are pleased to report that the answer is yes, we can sharpen global knives at our workshop in West Yorkshire. In fact global knives are a very popular brand and one that we sharpen on a weekly basis and you’ll be pleased to know that your blunt global knives will sharpen up a treat if you bring them to us, better than when they were new.


  Do you sharpen Wüsthof knives, do you sharpen Sabatier knives, do you sharpen Henkles knives, do you sharpen Japanese knives also questions were asked regularly and were pleased to report that the answer is always yes, we sharpen all of these Knives and more at our shop in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

For full info about our sharpening services check here.