Community Cutlery - Knife Sharpening Services

Community Cutlery is the place to go if you're looking for a knife sharpening service in Yorkshire. All knives are hand-sharpened using traditional Japanese whetstones and because we care about our craft, each one gets our full attention. 

All knife sharpening is carried out completely by hand using traditional Japanese whetstones, enabling us to sharpen each knife as sympathetically as possible, removing only the bare minimum of metal, to ensure the best edge. We will repair and restore your blade to its former glory and help prolong the life of your treasured knives. 

Sharp Knives and So Much More

As well as the knives sharpening services, we offer garden tool, chisel, pocket knife, carving tool and axe sharpening. We also sharpen scissors, so if you are struggling to get your Sewing Bee pattern pieces cut or find you are ripping your wallpaper rather than cutting it, bring your scissors to us and we will get those blades back in tip-top condition.

Sharpened Knifes


If any of your treasured tools are looking past their best, remember we also undertake repairs and restoration. Good quality implements are worth the time and effort to bring them back to their best, giving you many years of service - see our Sharpening Price list for full details.

Sharp Knives to give you the Edge

All good chefs know the benefit of a sharp knife but many people struggle on with a blunt blade. Whether your tools are essential to your trade, you are something of an aficionado of Japanese kitchen knives and high-end knives or you just want your bread knives to cut the loaf rather than squash it, this service is an absolute must for you. It doesn't cost a fortune to have the advantage of a sharp knife.

Affordable Prices

With prices starting at £5 for kitchen knife sharpening, our services are affordable, regardless of how much you paid for your knives.

Our domestic knife sharpening work is carried out in our Ilkley shop, where we welcome you to drop in with your knives any time Tuesday - Saturday 10-5. Once with us your items will enter the queue and the work will be carried out on our next sharpening day. When they're done we’ll let you know and you can pop back to collect them at your convenience.  

Coming to Ilkley?

We currently carry out our knife sharpening service on Thursdays and Fridays so, if you’re making a special trip to see us from out of town on one of those days, let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to turn them around whilst you enjoy the delights of Ilkley.  Please message us through our web chat, giving as much notice as possible, to arrange. 

Local knife sharpening

Business Services

If you are a restaurant/ kitchen owner or a Chef looking to book a visit from an on-site cutler then get in touch. 

At Community Cutlery we specialise in whetstone sharpening and will be happy to pay you and your team a visit. Prices start from £1 per inch of knife with a minimum of £150, we’re happy to invoice centrally or charge team members individually.

As traditional whetstone cutlers, all of our work is carried out by hand, ensuring the absolute best for your knives. This does take some time, so we’ll need a place to set up our sharpening station, likely for at least half a day.


Have you always wanted to be able to sharpen your own knives? Have you tried before but couldn't quite get it right?

Well, you aren’t on your own, at our shop in West Yorkshire a large number of our knife sharpening service customers profess such a desire, but for one reason or another have never managed to nail down the skill, which is why we offer classes to learn the skills of the knife sharpener.

Running mainly from our Ilkley shop, course attendees will spend the evening with us, learning the art of Japanese whetstone sharpening under the watchful eye of a seasoned professional.  All you need to bring is some enthusiasm, the desire to learn a new skill and your blunt knives! We will do the rest. 

Learning How to Sharpen your Knives

Starting with the very important knife sharpening theory, we’ll take you through all the steps and demystify the process. After watching a professional demonstration you will be set to work on sharpening your own blunt knives.

You will leave the event equipped with the knowledge, confidence and skills to begin your own knife sharpening journey. You will also take home a full reference guide covering everything you learned on the night and a strop for keeping your sharp edges sharp. For a current list of knife sharpening courses please see our eventbrite page.

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We also give knife sharpening demonstrations in our shop, at food fairs and other community events. If you have any questions about our knife sharpening courses or demonstrations please contact us through our email address below. 

Pop up Knife Sharpening Service in Yorkshire 

As well as working from our home base in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, we love to get on the road, regularly “popping up” with our mobile knife sharpening station in cafes, shops, bottle shops, bars and markets across Yorkshire and the North.  We can regularly be found in Saltaire, Leeds, Bradford, Manchester and Altrincham. For up to date information about planned pop-up knife sharpening events follow us on instagram, and to be kept in the loop about all future pop-up sharpening events, sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of this page.

Get in Contact

If your business would like to host a pop-up sharpening event or you have a suggestion for somewhere that might be a good fit, please get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!