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Medium End Grain Chopping board - Oak

  • £160.00



Medium End Grain Chopping board- Oak

Yes, you’re right, end grain chopping boards are more expensive than edge grain boards, but why? and whats the difference?

Most of the wooden chopping boards you see in the shops are edge grain boards, this means that a tree has been cut into long slices, from top to bottom and those slices have then been laid on their side and divided up into chopping board sized pieces. This type of board is called edge grain because when you use it the grain runs along the board and you cut down onto its edge. There is nothing wrong with this type of board, it absolutely serves a purpose. The boards we have here however are a little different, these are end grain, so those long slices we mentioned, these are layered up in nice patterns before being glued together and planed down into these big chunky beauties, so rather than cutting across the grain, like with an edge grain board, you are now cutting down onto the end of the grain. This is far kinder to your knifes edge, reducing damage to the blade and increasing the amount of time between sharpens so for this, they are by far our favourite type of chopping board at Community Cutlery, the fact they look so beautiful helps too.

All boards are made by hand to an approximate specification, these being large and generally falling somewhere close to 400mmx300mm. Click the drop menu to check on our current availability and their exact sizes, if you don't find anything quite right for you then please get in touch, we can deal with any sizes or available species.