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Forge Kitchenware - Skillets

  • £130.00


Hand spun skillets by Alex Pole Ironwork.

Based in Somerset, Alex Pole and his small team of blacksmiths are responsible for these truly beautiful pieces of kitchenware. Made from hand spun carbon steel with forged handles and copper rivets, they come in at either 11” or 8” and are a pure joy to use. Both pans have a depth of 5 cm, which gives them a serious amount of space if your cooking for a group or perhaps just to help contain ones onions during a bout of ferocious stirring.

Due to their simple construction they can be used on the hob, in the oven or even (our favourite way to use them) over an open fire and best of all they aren’t covered with a non stick coating so don’t contain any hidden nasties.

These skillets are superb and completely embody what we’re about here at Community Cutlery, they have excellent practicality, they have beauty and if you treat them with the appropriate care and attention, you’ll likely never need to buy another skillet.



Hand spun carbon steel base with forged handles and copper rivets

Large Skillet -

Total length : 53 cm  -  Handle length : 23 cm

Pan width : 27.5 cm  -  Pan depth : 5 cm

Medium Skillet -

Total length : 41 cm  -  Handle length : 21 cm

Pan width : 20 cm  -  Pan depth : 5 cm

Alex Pole Ironwork Pans and skillets are pre-seasoned with rapeseed oil and baked to 345 degrees to give a sealed finish- this makes them ready to use.

The spinning process makes pans very smooth, and naturally non-stick, but they do need frequent re-seasoning to maintain the surface. Please read the Care Tips page for more info.

All pans and skillets are individually hand crafted . There may be natural marks that occur during the making process - these in no way effect their  beauty or function.