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Knife Strop

  • £18.00


In our opinion a strop is the best way to keep a sharp knife sharp. Whether your knife is new or newly sharpened it can only be expected to keep its lovely sharp edge for so long (which will be determined by its quality and use) before it begins to round out, which is where a strop comes in. By cultivating the habit of passing your sharp knife over a stop before every use you will vastly improve the life expectancy of its edge, thus reducing the number of times it needs to be sharpened restoratively and extending its life expectancy overall! Wow! And the best thing is it’s a really simple technique which we’ll be happy to teach you (if you come into the shop, if not then watch our vid and feel free to get in touch with your questions).


Specifications  -

Width - approx 60mm

Length of stropping area - approx 250mm

Total length - approx 350mm

All strops are handmade so sizes may vary slightly.


Construction - Pine paddle, finished with Tung oil

Stropping material  - Synthetic