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Pallares - Slim Table Knife

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We've been looking for some nice table knives to put in the shop for ages, something with the capability of being used as steak knife but not necessarily with the traditional aesthetic.

When we came across these Slim table knives from Pallares we really loved their versatility, they're absolutely up to the job of being a steak knife but more importantly for us are, they're a good, solid, comfortable knife that can be used as a go to piece of table cutlery, regardless of whatever you happen to eating. Who doesn't love a sharp knife?

The construction is nice too, one full tang piece of stainless steel with olive wood scales. Solid and it looks great.


Hailing from Solsona in Northern Spain the Pallares family have been producing knives for over a hundred years, now helmed by the third generation they continue to produce classic knives with true beauty, of both form and function.

Knives are only available to persons over 18 years of age. Due to the nature of our business ALL customers will be asked to prove their age at checkout.