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Robert Herder - Windmühlenmesser Flachschmieder

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A special edition knife to celebrate the tradition of bladesmithing and in particular the technique of flat forging.

Constructed from carbon steel with the high content of ca. 1,1 % carbon and hardened to 60/61 HRC, these knives, whilst more challenging to make, are capable of holding a wicked edge.

Slightly more shallow bladed than a traditional chef knife, the Flachschmieder, with its nicely curved Walnut burl handle ensures good knuckle clearance and offers the user great flexibility with it’s compact form.

Where the handle and the blade meet, a small step is visible, this typical sign of a flat-forged knife has been left oxidised as a mark of quality - a detail that further sets it apart from its die-forged counterparts.

Coming in presentation box with conditioning oil and a leather storage sheath, this knife is a winner, we love it here at Community Cutlery, it stands out as something different and world of high quality artistry.

The utilisation of a traditional technique known as “dry-fine grinding”, ensures these knives are not only razor sharp but also thin behind the cutting edge, when coupled with an already thin blade this makes for a knife which performs to an exceptionally high standard.





Windmuhlenmesser have been making knives of exceptional quality since 1872, started by Robert Herder and still run by members of his family, the business, based in Solingen Germany, continues to employ traditional techniques to produce blades which are refreshingly thin and light for western knives.

Blade Material - Carbon Steel

Handle Material - Walnut burl

Blade length - 130mm

Total Length - 270mm

Blade Height - 32mm

Weight - 150g

Hardness - 60/61 HRC

A note on carbon steel - Like many others we at Community Cutlery favour carbon over stainless steel for its ability to take a keener edge and hold it for longer, for this privilege we need to care for our carbon products with a little more consideration, particularly when it comes to washing. Once you’ve finished with your knife we recommend giving it a quick wash and a thorough dry, as if left wet it will start to rust, surprisingly quickly. If this does happen then take a dry scourer and lightly give it a rub, another rinse and a good dry, it should come off with relative ease. With use you will also notice a light change in the colour of the blade, this patina is natural, beautiful and to be cherished, it’s like yo knife developing its own fingerprint!

And for many reasons - Never put your knives in the dishwasher

Knives are only available to persons over 18 years of age. Due to the nature of our business ALL customers will be asked to prove their age at checkout.