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Shapton Pro - 5000grit Ceramic Whetstone

  • £70.00


The Shapton Pro range is an excellent range of stones and one we use regularly when sharpening knives for customers.

These are ceramic whetstones and whilst Shapton advise a 6-7 minute soaking prior to use they are mainly considered to be a “splash and go” variety, which just require an occasional re wetting to ensure there adequate moisture to lubricate its surface.

They are packaged in colour coded boxes (for easy identification) which also double up as stone holders whilst sharpening.

Synthetic whetstones are graded according to their particle size which is given a grit rating, the lower the grit the larger the particle and coarser the stone and the faster it cuts metal.

We are currently carrying

  • 320g – Coarse stone – Great for repairs or re-establishing bevels on very blunt knives (edges need further refinement after this stone)

  • 1000g- Medium stone – A good all-round grit, almost all sharpening progressions utilise a 1000 grit stone (possible to start or finish on this stone)

  • 2000g -Medium/fine stone – Refine edges further (A better stone to finish Western stainless knives)

  • 5000g – Fine stone- Much finer stone (good for finishing Japanese knives and quality carbon steel knives)



L - 210mm

W - 70mm

H - 15mm