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Suwada - Secateur Cleaning bar

  • £12.00


With regular use gardening tools will quickly build up a layer of sap on the surface, all too keen to trap dirt and make your lovely new secateurs look less than their best.

Use this rubberised abrasive pad and a little oil to loosen any surface mess and keep you tools looking their best.

Once loosened the dirty oil can be wiped away with a dry cloth or some tissue.

Avoid using water to clean carbon steel tools, or make sure they are dried THOROUGHLY if you do, the same applies to usage in wet conditions, carbon steel is a superb material for blade making but it must cared for correctly, blades left wet will begin to rust, if this happens then use this bar to work away the spots and condition with oil.



Beginning life as a pliers manufacturer in rural Japan Suwada is approaching it's 100th year in business.

Still run by the same family which started the business back in 1926, Suwada embody the ethos we have established for ourselves at Community Cutlery, bringing together the finest materials, stunning design and traditional skills to create the best cutting performance tools they can, the polar opposite of mass produced and disposable products.