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Waterhouse - 18cm Chef Knife

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With a world renowned reputation and many years experience making traditional wet razors, Waterhouse kitchen knives have been something of a rarity in the past, which makes having this one on our shelves all the more special!

The blade (of high quality Swedish stainless steel) is cut to Waterhouse’s  “Community Cutlery” pattern and thinly ground to exacting proportions (to maximise functionality) before being hand sanded over many hours to achieve the beautifully even brushed finish. The handle, made from Olive Ash with an Ebony ferrule is cut to a traditional octagonal shape and not only looks stunning but feels superb in the hand .

The chef knife is, for most cooks a go-to knife, it is capable of taking on a myriad of tasks and making light work of them. With its thinly ground 26cm blade this beauty is capable of getting through the chunkiest of veg whist still being nimble enough to finely slice garlic. Being on the longer side of chef knives, it’s ideally suited to someone already comfortable wielding a larger knife, someone looking expand their collection or appoint a new chef knife to do the heavy lifting, It’s a truly beautiful handmade knife that will offer it’s new owner many many years of faithful service.

Waterhouse knives are finished to exacting standards, no time or expense are spared in ensuring each one perfectly matches their vision and they want their customers to be as happy, which is why all of their output is covered by their lifetime guarantee.





Blade Material – Stainless Steel

Handle Material – Olive Ash with Ebony Ferrule

Blade length – 210mm

Total Length – mm

Blade Height – mm

Weight –

Waterhouse  - Husband and wife team Michael and Jo Waterhouse are based in Ilkley just like us and produce knives from their home workshop and hand deliver them on foot, keeping the carbon footprint to an absolute minimum on these beautiful handmade knives.

All knives, especially this one, should be hand washed, never put them in a dishwasher. Ever! It will damage the handles, rust even stainless blades, potentially damage the heat treatment and it can be dangerous to other dishwasher users. Avoid soaking it in water, carefully wipe down and dry immediately after use, make it a little ritual and enjoy the process, look after your knife and it will look after you. A little oil on the handle every now and then will keep the wood looking great too.


Knives are only available to persons over 18 years of age. Due to the nature of our business ALL customers will be asked to prove their age at checkout.