Samuel Staniforth - Steak Knife

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This range of Smithfield knives from Samuel Staniforth is easily our favourite from their collection, they're a little lighter than the Professional range and with a rounded bolster they feel more nimble in the hand. We also love the look of the brass riveted rosewood handles too, it helps give them a very traditional look, which really works for us!

Filleting knives are ground much thinner than a utility knife of a comparable size, providing them with the large amount of flexibility required to fillet and skin fish or thinly slice meats, also useful for deboning.





A stunning and robust super sharp steak knife, these beauties are something special.

As there is only a smooth edge, no serrations, these knives are easy to keep sharp for years and years. 


Blade Material – Molybdenum Stainless Steel

Handle Material – Rosewood

Blade length – 100mm

Total Length – 220mm

Blade Height – 20mm

Weight – 105g

Samuel Staniforth Ltd. of Sheffield was born in the ‘Steel City’ over 150 years ago and is steeped in heritage of upmost quality.


Knives are only available to persons over 18 years of age. Due to the nature of our business ALL customers will be asked to prove their age at checkout.