Pallares - 300g Vizcaína Axe Pallares Solsana
Pallares - 300g Vizcaína Axe Pallares Solsana
Pallares - 300g Vizcaína Axe Pallares Solsana
Pallares - 300g Vizcaína Axe Pallares Solsana

Pallares - 300g Vizcaína Axe

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A great little axe here, the head is ground to a nice steep angle so we really favour it as a carvers axe and at 300g you’ve enough weight to aid in the removal of material but not so much so that your going to keep hoofing it straight through your work!

We also favour it as a nice little backwoods/camping axe too, good for the removal of small branches and creating kindling. A good size for sliding down the side of your pack.


Hailing from Solsona in Northern Spain the Pallares family have been producing knives for over a hundred years, now helmed by the third generation they continue to produce classic knives with true beauty, of both form and function.

A note on carbon steel Like many others we at Community Cutlery favour carbon over stainless steel for its ability to take a keener edge and hold it for longer, for this privilege we need to care for our carbon products with a little more consideration, particularly when it comes to water. Once you’ve finished with your axe we recommend giving it a thorough dry and a light oil as if left wet it will start to rust, surprisingly quickly. If this does happen then take a dry scourer and lightly give it a rub, another rinse and a good dry, it should come off with relative ease. With use you will also notice a light change in the colour of the blade, this patina is natural, beautiful and to be cherished, it’s like your axe developing its own fingerprint!

And for many reasons – Never put your knives in the dishwasher.

Knives are only available to persons over 18 years of age. Due to the nature of our business ALL customers will be asked to prove their age at checkout.

We ship Tuesday to Saturday using Royal Mail Tracked 24.

All knives ship via an age verified service in accordance with The Offensive Weapons Act 2019, which will mean the postie will need you to be in to receive the delivery & to check your ID if you look under 25.

The law also requires us to carry out a soft age check of the purchaser after checkout, this is done by an automated system that usually doesn't require your input, although we will need to contact you for proof of age if you fail, which can sometimes happen if you use a work address.

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  • We offset the carbon created by our business

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