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Robert Herder - Windmühlenmesser Grandmoulin Bread

  • £189.00



Is this the greatest bread knife ever made? We believe it is, it’s certainly the finest example that we have ever seen!

With a blade length of 230mm and a blade height of 40mm it’s possible to make full strokes without veering of course and wedging your slice, the huge surface area in contact with the bread really steadies the knife as it moves back and forward and enables the user to cut beautifully straight, even if you like them thin! The 8mm serrations make seriously light work of any bread too, regardless of how soft or crusty it is!

The blade shape of this knife is known as “Boscher“ and comes from the Dutch word “bos“ meaning bush or bush land, originally used as a harvesting knife for the sugarcane in the Dutch colonies, this is a shrunken down version, more suited to wielding in an enclosed space!

We love this knife, it’s a serious piece of kit for a serious bread lover, it comes complete with a bottle of oil for keeping the handle in tip top condition.

Windmuhlenmesser have been making knives of exceptional quality since 1872, started by Robert Herder and still run by members of his family, the business, based in Solingen Germany, continues to employ traditional techniques to produce blades which are refreshingly thin and light for western knives.

Blade Material - Stainless Steel

Handle Material - Plumwood

Blade length - 230mm

Total Length - 370mm

Blade Height - 40mm

Weight - 164g

Hardness - 60 HRC