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Suawada - Secateur Sharpening Stone

  • £25.00


Japanese Secateurs are robust and will hold a good edge for a long time, but not forever, regular maintenance of your cutting edge will ensure the perform at their absolute best for years to come.

Use these specially designed sharpening bars to keep a good edge on your tools.

  1. Place the stone in water for about five minutes

  2. Keep the central nut of the secateurs in place, no need to loosen it.

  3. Sharpen the angled side of the blade only. Sharpen along the curve of the blade in one direction.(Use bottom flat surface of stone)

  4. Check for burrs on the back side of the blade. Remove burrs with the stone flat across the back of the blade until it’s removed and smooth to touch. (Use side flat surface of stone)

Do not sharpen the back side of the blade,as this will affect the cutting bite.

Once you have sharpened the blade, you need to wipe the surface of the blades with some oil to prevent any rust. We prefer Camellia blade oil but Linseed oil, Olive oil or anti-rust oil will do just fine.

We strongly recommend this stone to ensure your secateurs have a long life with a small amount of maintenance. If you have any queries on the topic of secateurs sharpening, do not hesitate to contact us.

We also have a sharpening service at our shop in Ilkley, so if you can’t face the thought of sharpening your own tools and knives be sure to get in touch!



Beginning life as a pliers manufacturer in rural Japan Suwada is approaching it's 100th year in business.

Still run by the same family which started the business back in 1926, Suwada embody the ethos we have established for ourselves at Community Cutlery, bringing together the finest materials, stunning design and traditional skills to create the best cutting performance tools they can, the polar opposite of mass produced and disposable products.